About E-sation Consultancy

Delivering Digital Results


E-sation was formed as Neil Sansom, our founder identified a gap in the market between the high brow, expensive digital consultancies recommending costly digital solutions that invariable over run and deliver more complexity to retail brands, and the requirement to deliver near instant results in an agile way which are fit for purpose for the small to medium sized retail brand. It is surprising how many brands have ignored digital but now have a requirement to catch-up.

E-sation provides short term agile, pragmatic solutions and delivers improvements within weeks NOT months. Using our experience and proven partners we can rapidly improve performance and customer experience for brands.

Digitalisation, internationalisation and professionalisation are key considerations for all brands, we focus on organisational design, use of agencies, strategy for growth including international and third party platforms. Having the right structure and people in place is critical, we help you achieve this given why you are in the digital growth curve. We don't want to be an expensive resource but our aim is to provide you with the resource to grow your brand and business with the strategy blueprint.

Our 'Digital Healthcheck' identifies quick win solutions together with medium term options for a brand. It covers the total brand experience for customers in a digital world and provides the start of a focus for a omnichannel world.

We also look at how your brands retail model might be disrupted by new entrants and the options you could consider. It is very difficult for existing businesses to consider this given the day to day performance pressure but we identify a realistic, pragmatic option to trial or defend your current position.

Clients we have worked for include Yours Clothing,  George Pragnell, Baird Group, Lakeland Leather, Oxfam, Cheltenham & Gloucester BS and O2

Our Partners

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Data & KPI's

We provide data and KPI benchmarks and ensure you have the right KPI's so you can identify how your business is performing and then monitor those improvements.

We also work with data specialists that can look at your omnichannel strategy to create single customer views or just improve customer segmentation hence better and relevant targeting to your custoimers

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IT Partners

We are not an IT partner but we do recommend partners that can integrate or lead technology change. We understand technology and can undertake platform reviews and recommendations . We also work with proven third party suppliers that improve ecommerce  KPI's eg payment providers, conversion optimisation, personalisation, app development and many more

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We provide a digital trading blueprint and experienced resource to deliver a robust omnichannel trading strategy online

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We work with experienced digital recruitment specialists if we identify gaps in a business so that these can be filled with the right talent for the business.  We can even provide short term solutions with our own team whilst you recruit if your requirement is urgent.