Transformation & Digitalisation of retail businesses

Our services

We quickly assess where your business is on the digital journey using our 'tried and tested' digital heath check then we offer real pragmatic solutions that drive increased sales and profitability. We aim to do this rapidly so you get a return on investment on our time. We don't look to be a cost but we create sales opportunities for you.

Surely consultants just tell us what we already know? At E-sation we have all worked in retail and understand that we must justify what we do and in today's fast paced environment we have to be results driven

Normally, we visit you for a few hours, review your business with the CEO, the team and then come back with a proposal if we can support you. If we don't think we can support you then we will tell you so. Our first visit is FREE and we check your business against our digital health check. We usually find that we can assist you in some way across our range of services.    

Business management

Digitalisation health check

We check your business around 7 digital headings, structure & team, proposition and customer experience, KPI tracking, data analytics, agency support, business integration and opportunities.

Service Lead time
Initial health check 1  day
Proposal within a week
Business solutions

Structure and organisation

We understand the maturity of organisations and how a digitalised business should be structured to get the best results. We also advise on Agency utilisation or whether services should be out-sourced, experts added in-house or agency support

Service Lead time
Structure design 2-3 weeks
Agency review 2-3  weeks
Structure implementation Contact us
Business development

Business acceleration

We provide the roadmap of how to accelerate the growth of your digitalised business. This can range from technology improvements, new market entry, capitalising on existing markets, new product or service initiatives, improved customer experience, optimisation and UX.

Service Lead time
Road Map 4-6 weeks
Initiative brief and support Ongoing or as required